The Process

1. A meeting is held with the potential collaborator and printer to chat and talk about the possibility of creating an edition

2. If they agree, then another meeting is set to introduce the collaborator to prints and processes. Portfolios are pulled and prints are laid out for         viewing and discussion

3. Information, images, notes, papers, etc are passed over email and a third meeting is set for discussion of concept and imagery before a                   direction is agreed upon. (Multiple meetings maybe needed for concept creation)

4. With a general idea, the printer goes forward with testing of processes and the creation of small samples of work to show the collaborator.

5. Once a process is chosen, larger tests with the image will be created and samples of colors for other layers will be developed together in the         studio. 

6. Through multiple trials a BAT, Bon a Tirer, is created and this print will be the one each other is compared to for approval.

7. With all decisions made and plates ready, the printer goes forward with creating the full edition. Depending on the size of the final print and the       budget, editions can vary in size.

8. Upon completion of the full edition, the work is curated and prepared for the collaborator to sign. When signed, the printer’s chop is added and       the work is ready for exhibition and sale.